2017 Landscaping Services

It is nearing the end of 2017, and it has already been an exciting year for the landscaping & forestry industry. Many new services have been introduced, making gardens throughout the UK shine brighter than ever before. Here are our favourite services so far:

Hard & Soft Landscaping –

Taking advantage of both the hard & soft landscaping opportunities will bring your garden to life. The hard part deals with materials such as stone or clay on your land which can be removed or redesigned to give your garden a new light. The soft part, on the other hand, is the area you may be more familiar with; the actual garden! It is important to take good care of your plants and grass in order for them to shine.

We recommend using Turner’s hard & soft landscaping services

Tree Surgery –

Having an unwelcome tree on your land can be daunting at first. However, with the help of a tree surgery company, it can actually be a painless experience. Qualified tree surgeons specialise in the removal of unwanted trees, or pruning live trees.

Take a look at idverde’s tree surgery services

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